Welder Jobs In Romania 2024 For Pakistani Citizens | Welding Jobs in Romania

LocationRomania (Europe)
Salary600 Euros per month
Job Code825/7-F
CompanyM/S ASACO Manpower Evaluation & Placement Services Overseas Employment Promoters
Address238-B, Cai Plaza, L.E. Cheadiger Rond, Karncht-74000 Pakdelss
License NumberLC:0PA121/454TAR00
Tax Identification NumberNTN:151T9N
Contact Numbers– 0332-7546711
– 0331-1113758
– 0301-4574222
– 051-4801011
Other Information500 Euros (likely related to additional benefits or deductions)
Application Deadline09 December 2024
Job NatureEuro/l
Location SpecificYak Saudi
Table: Welder Jobs In Romania Overview

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How To Apply For Welder Jobs In Romania

The official online application process for these jobs is given in the following image. Read it carefully before applying for these jobs.

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Welding Jobs In Romania Overview

Welder’s Role and SkillsWelders operate welding equipment to join materials permanently. They range from beginners to highly skilled professionals. Skills include manual dexterity, attention to detail, technical knowledge of metals, and safety awareness. Experienced welders handle various techniques like arc, MIG, and TIG welding, as well as processes such as gas, resistance, and laser welding.
Types of MaterialsMetals: Steel (construction, manufacturing), Aluminum (aerospace, automotive), Stainless Steel (food industry, chemical plants).
Non-Metallic: Plastics and Polymers (packaging, electronics, healthcare). Specific materials chosen based on properties and applications.
Welding Equipment and TechnologyVarious methods include Arc (SMAW, FCAW), MIG (wire electrode, inert gas), TIG (tungsten electrode, filler material). Advancements in automation, robotics, and computer-controlled processes improve efficiency and precision in welding.
Industry Best PracticesAdherence to welding codes and standards (AWS, ISO) ensures weld quality and safety. Practices include material preparation, method selection, parameters, and post-weld inspections.
Table: Welding Jobs In Romania Overview

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the last date of the Interview for Welder Jobs In Romania?

The last date of the Interview for Welder Jobs In Romania is 09 December 2024.

Qualifications Required for Welder Jobs In Romania?

Formal qualifications are not obligatory, although applicants with an educational background will be given preference.

What is the Salary of Welder Jobs In Romania?

The Salary for Welder Jobs In Romania Is 600 Euro.

What is the Contact Number of the Pak-Saudi Technical Training Center?

Pak-Saudi Technical Training Center’s Contact Number is as follows

Official Website: Pak-Saudi Technical Training Center

Address: Uni Plaza, Chandigarh Road, Karachi

Phone: 0332-7546711

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