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PositionSalaryLocationRequirementsContact Information
KATAR CUSHION LAYER ELUROI)60500 RsNot specifiedNecessity Barack Romani Uribe
Behmar respected Mujail Kaur Dabam Kik listed below Wukdadki Qori Sharrut b
CV Selection/Services for Office Main is ongoing
Happy Home Worldwide Manpower Exporters
Office # 02 & 03, 2nd Floor, Ilyas Chambers 09 Turner Road, Near High Court, Lahore
FISHER BASIN BUROI)550 1 NUMBER SMEAR (EURO)Vellore (EURO) 06550 UdarElectrification. (EURO) 550 105 Satil Fikar / (EURO) 550 03*042-37363765, 042-37351065, 042-37351165
0321-9998944, 0309-9998977, 0321-9908977, 0321-8111000
Table: Overview of Electrician Jobs In Romania

Electrician Jobs In Romania
Age Limit
Who Can Apply
Male, Female
Salary Offered
Euro. 550
Job Location
International Jobs
Date Posted
18 June 2024
Job Type
Contract Basis
Last Date Of Interview
09 December 2024
Table: Important Job Details

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How To Apply For Electrician Jobs In Romania

The official online application process for these jobs is given in the following image. Read it carefully before applying for these jobs.

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Electrician Jobs In Romania Overview

Education System in RomaniaEducation in Romania is tuition-free and egalitarian under Article 32 of the Constitution. The Ministry of National Education oversees the system, which has seen reforms post-communism.
Compulsory SchoolingStarts at age four with the second year of kindergarten, continues through twelfth grade, culminating in the baccalaureate examination.
International Academic CompetitionsRomania excels in international competitions like the International Mathematical Olympiad and the International Olympiad in Informatics, earning high medal counts.
Human Rights Measurement InitiativeIndicates Romania scores 65.1% in overall fulfillment of the right to education, with lower scores in primary and secondary education relative to its income level.
Table: Electrician Jobs In Romania Overview

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the last date of the Interview for Electrician Jobs In Romania?

The last date for the Interview for Electrician Jobs In Romania is 30 July 2023.

Qualifications Required for Electrician Jobs In Romania?

High school diploma or equivalent: Most electrician jobs in Romania require a minimum educational qualification of a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Electrical training and certification: Prospective electricians must complete a formal electrical training program and obtain relevant certifications, such as a certificate of qualification or apprenticeship completion.

Technical knowledge and skills: Electricians need to have a solid understanding of electrical systems, wiring, circuits, and safety procedures. They should also be proficient in reading blueprints and schematics.

Licensing requirements: In Romania, electricians typically need to obtain a valid license from the relevant regulatory body or trade organization to work legally in the field. This may involve passing an examination or meeting specific experience criteria.

What is the Contact Number of Electrician Jobs In Romania?

Happy Home Worldwide Manpower Exporters’ Contact Number is as follows

Address: 2nd Floor, Chambers Road, Near High Court, Lahore

Email: happyhomemanpower@gmail.com

Phone: 0321-9998944

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