Dunya Foundation: Free Scholarships For Pakistani Students {Fully Funded}

The Dunya Welfare Foundation stands as a beacon of transformative impact Scholarships For Pakistani Students. Since its inception in 1985, the foundation has been an integral force within the esteemed Punjab Group.

With a robust presence across 330 campuses, including renowned institutions like Punjab Colleges, Allied Schools, and EFA Schools, the foundation has touched the lives of over 1,100,000 alumni.

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Dunya Foundation | Scholarships For Pakistani Students


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Dunya Foundation Scholarships

Established in 1985, the Dunya Foundation has played a vital role within the Punjab Group, committed to enhancing educational accessibility for individuals encountering obstacles.

Our primary objective is to assist families in breaking the cycle of poverty by implementing various scholarship programs and initiatives aimed at reducing educational expenses.

The foundation’s extensive reach encompasses 330 campuses, comprising Punjab Colleges, 700+ Allied Schools, 150 EFA Schools, and 3 Chartered universities. With a notable alumni base of 1,100,000 individuals, the Dunya Welfare Foundation has been actively involved in providing scholarships and fee reductions to those confronting financial challenges.

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Dunya Foundation Free Scholarships For Pakistani Students

National Impact – 1 in 7 Students in Pakistan:

  • The Dunya Welfare Foundation spans Pakistan, providing support to 1 in 7 students upon completion of higher secondary education. This outreach significantly contributes to the education of a noteworthy number of students on a national scale.

Provincial Support – 1 in 3 Students in Punjab:

  • Operating in Punjab, the most densely populated province, the Dunya Welfare Foundation plays a pivotal role in assisting 1 in 3 students in completing higher secondary education. This localized support has a profound impact, enhancing educational opportunities for students within the province.

Gender-Specific Assistance – 1 in 6 Females in Pakistan:

  • Dunya Welfare Foundation distinguishes itself by offering targeted assistance to 1 in 6 females completing higher secondary education in Pakistan. This focused effort not only promotes gender equality but also empowers women, contributing to the development of a more inclusive and equitable society.

The Dunya Foundation has a big educational network:

  • The Dunya Foundation operates through a vast educational network, with 330 campuses of Punjab Colleges catering to approximately 459,000 students. Over 700 Allied Schools and 150 EFA Schools have been established by the foundation, facilitating access to quality education for a diverse student population.

The foundation is also making universities stronger:

  • The foundation supports three universities – UCP, MAJU, and CUST – contributing to their growth and effectiveness in fostering academic success. These universities not only facilitate students in excelling in their studies but also create more opportunities for those aspiring to pursue higher education.

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Free Scholarships For Students


EFA School System Scholarship Program


EFA School System is dedicated to providing accessible and quality education for all, emphasizing the positive impact of a good education on a child’s academic and future success.

The core belief of EFA Schools is centered on offering affordable education to families with low to middle incomes, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to receive an education.

  • 150 Campuses: EFA Schools have established a presence across 150 campuses, strategically reaching out to diverse communities.
  • 49,500 Scholarships Awarded: Demonstrating unwavering dedication, the EFA Schools program has successfully awarded 49,500 scholarships, underscoring its commitment to making education accessible and inclusive for all.

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Allied Schools Scholarship Program | Every Child Yearns To Learn Scholarship Program


The “Every Child Yearns To Learn Scholarship Program” by Allied Schools is designed to assist students facing financial challenges in affording their education.

The primary goal is to contribute to the education of young people in Pakistan, recognizing that an educated youth is instrumental in fostering positive change and improvement within the country.

Education is seen as a catalyst for providing opportunities to individuals who may have limited prospects, enabling them to enhance their lives and make meaningful contributions to their families and communities.

  • 700 Campuses: Allied Schools has established a network of 700 campuses spread across different locations, providing students with conducive environments for learning and personal development.
  • 146,000 Scholarships Awarded: The “Every Child Yearns To Learn Scholarship Program” has successfully granted a total of 146,000 scholarships, actively working to alleviate the financial burden of education for students. This initiative strives to make quality education more accessible to a larger number of young learners, facilitating their educational journey.

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Punjab Group Of Colleges Scholarship Program | Dunya Foundation College Scholarship Program


The Punjab Group of Colleges is dedicated to assisting bright students facing financial challenges in pursuing their education, firmly believing in providing opportunities for all talented individuals.

The College Scholarship Program, facilitated by the Dunya Welfare Foundation, has been instrumental in supporting over 265,000 students by awarding scholarships based on their academic skills.

  • 330 Campuses: The Punjab Group of Colleges has established 330 campuses strategically located in various regions, ensuring widespread accessibility for students.
  • 265,000 Scholarships Awarded: Through the College Scholarship Program, the Punjab Group of Colleges has successfully awarded a total of 265,000 scholarships.

UCP – MAJU – CUST Scholarship Program | Dunya Foundation Higher Education Scholarship Program


Recognizing the financial challenges associated with university education, the Dunya Welfare Foundation Higher Education Scholarship Program offers crucial support to students aiming for college.

This program is specifically designed to provide reduced or free education to students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their pursuit of higher education.

  • 3 Campuses: The Higher Education Scholarship Program operates across three campuses: UCP, MAJU, and CUST. These campuses serve as dedicated centers where students can access this specialized support for their higher education journey.
  • 4,500 Scholarships Awarded: To date, the Higher Education Scholarship Program from the Dunya Foundation has successfully granted 4,500 scholarships.

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How To Get Free Scholarships From Dunya Foundation

Securing Dunya Welfare Foundation’s Free Scholarships:

  • Visit Dunya Foundation’s Website:
  • Review Eligibility Criteria:
    • Examine the eligibility criteria outlined on the website to ensure that you meet the requirements for the scholarships.
  • Compile Necessary Documents:
    • Gather all essential documents, including academic records, identification, and other materials specified by the foundation.
  • Visit a Dunya Foundation Branch:
    • Personally visit a Dunya Foundation branch, locate the nearest branch through their website, or by reaching out to them.
  • Get the Application Form:
    • Secure the scholarship application form from the Dunya Foundation branch. This form is a vital component of the scholarship application process.
  • Complete the Form:
    • Fill out the application form with precise and comprehensive information, adhering to all instructions provided on the form.
  • Attach Required Documents:
    • Attach all necessary documents to your completed application form, including academic transcripts, identification, and any other materials as specified.
  • Submit Your Application:
    • Submit your filled-out application form and attached documents to the Dunya Foundation branch, ensuring adherence to any specified submission deadlines.

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Benefits Of Dunya Foundation Scholarships

Advantages of Dunya Welfare Foundation Scholarships:

  • Early Education via EFA School System:
    • Gain the opportunity to commence your education early through the expansive EFA School System, spanning 150 campuses. Over 49,500 scholarships have been awarded, ensuring access to quality education.
  • Learning Opportunities at Allied Schools:
    • Explore diverse educational possibilities at Allied Schools, present on 700 campuses across various locations. A total of 146,000 scholarships have been distributed, providing invaluable learning experiences for students.
  • College Education Paths:
    • Pursue a college education with opportunities extended to 265,000 students through the extensive network of 330 campuses. These individuals have been supported by 265,000 scholarships, facilitating their journey towards achieving their educational aspirations.
  • Higher Education Access:
    • Unlock avenues for higher education through UCP, MAJU, and CUST, where the Dunya Foundation supports deserving students in their pursuit of advanced education via scholarship programs.
  • Free Scholarship Opportunities:
    • Access free scholarships tailored for eligible students, alleviating the financial strain associated with education and creating pathways for academic growth.

Contact Details Of Dunya Foundation

Address: 64, Block E1, Hali Road Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan

Call Us: +92 42 35761250-2

Email: info@dunyafoundation.org.pk

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FAQs | Dunya Foundation Free Scholarships For Pakistani Students

How long has the Dunya Foundation been actively supporting education?

Since 1985, the Dunya Foundation has been an integral part of the Punjab Group, dedicated to making education more accessible for those facing challenges.

What is the primary goal of the Dunya Welfare Foundation?

The foundation aims to support families in breaking the cycle of poverty by offering diverse scholarship programs and reducing educational costs.

How extensive is the educational network of the Dunya Welfare Foundation?

The foundation operates across 330 campuses, including Punjab Colleges, 700+ Allied Schools, and 150 EFA Schools, with a proud alumni base of 1,100,000 individuals.

How does the Dunya Welfare Foundation impact national education in Pakistan?

The foundation reaches 1 in 7 students nationwide, providing substantial support to those finishing higher secondary education.

What is the provincial support provided by the Dunya Welfare Foundation?

In Punjab, the most populous province, the foundation assists 1 in 3 students completing higher secondary education, contributing significantly to educational opportunities.

How does the Dunya Welfare Foundation promote gender-specific assistance?

The foundation stands out for supporting 1 in 6 females completing higher secondary education in Pakistan, contributing to gender equality and empowerment.

How does the EFA School System contribute to affordable education?

EFA Schools operate across 150 campuses, offering discounted education and providing scholarships to over 49,500 students.

How many scholarships have been awarded by the Allied Schools Scholarship Program?

The program has awarded 146,000 scholarships to date.

How many scholarships have the Punjab Group of Colleges awarded through its College Scholarship Program?

Under the College Scholarship Program, the Punjab Group of Colleges has granted 265,000 scholarships.

How many scholarships have been awarded by the Higher Education Scholarship Program from the Dunya Foundation?

The program has given out 4,500 scholarships to date.

How can one secure free scholarships from the Dunya Welfare Foundation?

Visit the foundation’s website, review eligibility criteria, compile necessary documents, visit a Dunya Foundation branch, obtain the application form, complete it, attach required documents, and submit the application.

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