Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship Program 2023 | Alfalah Scholarship 2023

The Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship Program, widely recognized as the Alfalah Scholarship, emerges as a steadfast beacon of hope for numerous deserving students.

This program has extended its benevolent reach to a staggering 71,885 beneficiaries, ranging from Matric to Master (BS Hons) students across various colleges and universities throughout the country.

Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship financial support varies, with students receiving a monthly stipend of PKR 9,000 or an annual sum of PKR 108,000, contingent upon their educational level and specific expenses.

Administered through the Alkhidmat Foundation, the scholarship is a testament to the organization’s commitment to education, operating through a network of:

Alkhidmat Schools= 54

Child Protection Centers= 49

Skills Development Centers= 83

Hostels= 1.

As we embark on this exploration, we will delve into the eligibility criteria, required documents, and the intricate application process for the Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship. Here, we unfold the gateway to opportunities—welcome to the Alfalah Scholarship Program.

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Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship | Alkhidmat Alfalah Scholarship Program


Table of Contents

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Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan


Founded in 1990, Alkhidmat Foundation stands prominently as a devoted non-profit organization, dedicated to humanitarian services.

With an unwavering dedication to alleviating the plight of the underprivileged, the foundation has risen as a pivotal force in shaping Pakistan’s philanthropic arena.

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Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship Features


The Alfalah Scholarship Program by the Alkhidmat Foundation presents a range of impactful features, empowering the underprivileged and leaving a positive imprint on their lives.

Highlighted below are the program’s key attributes:

  • Educational Empowerment: The scholarship program is designed to empower students hailing from underprivileged backgrounds, offering vital financial assistance for their educational pursuits.
  • Successful Scholarship Distribution: With an impressive track record, the program has granted a total of 4,879 Alfalah Scholarships, recognizing and nurturing the academic potential of deserving students.
  • Nationwide Impact: Demonstrating an extensive reach, the program has made a substantial impact by benefiting an impressive cohort of 71,885 recipients across the country.
  • Substantial Monthly Support: Selected students receive a monthly scholarship of PKR 9,000, a generous contribution that aids in covering their educational expenses and alleviates the financial strain on their families.
  • Annual Support Limit: The program establishes an annual scholarship limit of PKR 108,000, ensuring a sustained level of support for scholars throughout their academic journey.
  • Supplementary Assistance: Beyond the monthly scholarship, students also receive an additional PKR 3,000 to address various educational needs such as textbooks, stationery, or transportation, providing comprehensive support for their academic endeavors.

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Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship Requirements


Who Is Eligible For Alfalah Scholarship?

The Alfalah Scholarship program opens its eligibility to diverse categories of deserving individuals. The following groups qualify to apply for the scholarship:

  • Assistance for Economically Disadvantaged Students: The program is designed to aid students hailing from economically challenged backgrounds, offering support to those facing financial barriers in their pursuit of education.
  • Inclusive Support for Orphans and Single-Parent Families: The scholarship extends its reach to orphans and children raised by single parents, acknowledging the unique challenges they encounter. This inclusive approach aims to provide educational opportunities to those facing diverse family circumstances.
  • Financial Criteria: Eligibility encompasses students from households with a monthly income below PKR 25,000. This criterion ensures that individuals with limited financial resources can seek quality education through the scholarship program.

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Documents Required To Apply For Scholarship

Required Documents for Alfalah Scholarship Application: To complete the Alfalah Scholarship application, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Recent Passport-Sized Photographs: Supply two recent, clear passport-sized photographs of the student applying for the Alfalah Scholarship.
  • CNIC/B-Form of the Student: Furnish a copy of the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or B-Form belonging to the student in the scholarship application.
  • Valid CNIC of the Guardian: Include a photocopy of the valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of the guardian responsible for the student.
  • Two Copies of Previous Degrees: Provide two photocopies of the student’s previous academic degrees or certificates as part of the required documentation.
  • Electricity Bill of the Previous Month: Submit a copy of the electricity bill from the preceding month as a supporting document for the Alfalah Scholarship application.

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How To Apply For the Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship Program

The application process for the Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship Program entails multiple steps to ensure a streamlined and well-organized submission. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive guide on how to initiate the application:

  • Obtain the Application Form: Initiate the application process by acquiring the official application form for the Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship Program.
  • Fill out the Application Form: Accurately and legibly complete the application form, furnishing all necessary information including educational background, financial status, and any additional requirements specified.
  • Gather Required Documents: As outlined in the application form, compile all necessary documents such as academic transcripts, identification papers, proof of income, residence verification, and any other specified supporting materials.
  • Attach Documents: Create photocopies of the required documents and securely affix them to your completed application form.
  • Submit the Application: Once the application form is filled out and accompanied by the necessary documents, submit the entire application package to the designated address or submission point stipulated by the Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship Program.
  • Follow-Up and Communication: Maintain communication with the scholarship program after submitting your application, keeping abreast of any updates or inquiries.
  • Evaluation and Selection Process: The scholarship program will rigorously assess and evaluate all submitted applications, considering the provided information, documents, and adherence to eligibility criteria.
  • Scholarship Award: Successful applicants will receive notification of their scholarship award, including details on the amount and terms of the scholarship.

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Founded in 1990, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is a distinguished non-profit organization dedicated to humanitarian services, showcasing a steadfast commitment to uplifting communities in need.

The foundation’s workers and volunteers demonstrate unwavering dedication, tirelessly striving to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities through their relentless efforts.

Alkhidmat Foundation’s continuous endeavors have left a profound impact on countless lives, reflecting the organization’s commitment to creating positive change.

Your donation will directly support the foundation’s humanitarian initiatives, providing vital assistance to those who need it the most and contributing to the ongoing efforts to uplift and empower communities.

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How To Donate Money To Alkhidmat Foundation


To contribute financially to the Alkhidmat Foundation, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Official Website: Begin by accessing the official website of Alkhidmat Foundation by entering the URL “” in your web browser. This will direct you to the dedicated donation page for the scholarship program.
  • Fill Out the Online Donation Form: On the donation page, locate the online donation form and provide accurate information in the required fields.
  • Payment Details: Furnish the necessary payment details under the instructions outlined on the form.
  • Select the Payment Method: Alkhidmat Foundation typically provides multiple payment options. Choose the payment method that aligns with your preference and convenience.
  • Complete the Donation: Follow the prompts or instructions presented on the website to successfully finalize the donation process.

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Alkhidmat Foundation Bank Account Details

Bank Account Information for Contributing to Alkhidmat Foundation:

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Ways To Donate Money To Alkhidmat Foundation

Ways to Contribute Funds to Alkhidmat Foundation:

  • Online Banking: Donate securely online using your Visa or MasterCard through the foundation’s website, utilizing the provided payment gateway. Alternatively, opt for a cheque or cash pickup for your donation.
  • Direct Deposit: Transfer funds directly into Alkhidmat Foundation’s bank accounts across various banks. Visit the foundation’s website to obtain account details for your preferred bank. For Zakat or donation receipts after direct deposit, contact the foundation at
  • Home Collection: Contribute through cheques or bank drafts payable to “Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan.” Arrange for a home pickup by reaching out to Alkhidmat Foundation at 0800 44 44 8 or 0304 111 4 222. Alternatively, send your cheque via courier to Alkhidmat Complex, 3km Khayaban-e-Jinnah, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • International Accounts: Alkhidmat Foundation provides international bank account details for those wishing to donate from outside of Pakistan. Access the relevant information for international contributions.

Contact Details of Alkhidmat Foundation

The Contact Number of Alkhidmat Foundation:

  • Address Alkhidmat Foundation Headoffice, 3km Khayaban-e-Jinnah, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Phone: +92 42 3595 7260
  • Email:

Benefits Of Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship Program

  • Monthly Scholarship: Successful candidates enrolled in this program receive a monthly scholarship.
  • Substantial Financial Support: The scholarship amounts to a monthly stipend of PKR 9,000, cumulatively totaling an annual sum of PKR 108,000, offering substantial financial support to students in need.
  • Wide Reach: The scholarship extends its reach to thousands of deserving students, ensuring accessibility to a vast and deserving population.
  • Simple Application Process: The application process for this scholarship is straightforward, streamlining the procedure for eligible candidates.
  • No Charges: A notable benefit is that students can apply for this scholarship without incurring any charges or fees, eliminating financial barriers to access.
  • Merit-Based Scholarships: Scholarships are granted based on merit, acknowledging and supporting talented students who demonstrate academic excellence.
  • Positive Impact on Education: The program makes a positive contribution to the advancement of education, fostering an environment conducive to academic growth.
  • Higher Education Opportunities: Beneficiaries of the scholarship have the opportunity to pursue higher education without shouldering the financial burden of tuition fees or additional charges.

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Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship FAQs

How many beneficiaries has the Alfalah Scholarship Program awarded to date?

The Alfalah Scholarship Program has been awarded to a total of 71,885 beneficiaries, encompassing students from Matric to Master (BS Hons) levels across various colleges and universities in Pakistan.

What is the monthly scholarship amount provided by the Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship Program?

Recipients of the Alkhidmat Foundation Scholarship Program receive a substantial monthly scholarship of PKR 9,000, contributing to a significant annual sum of PKR 108,000.

What institutions operate under the Alkhidmat Foundation that administer the scholarship program?

Alkhidmat Foundation runs 54 Alkhidmat Schools, 49 Child Protection Centers, 83 Skills Development Centers, and 1 hostel, providing the infrastructure for the implementation of the Alfalah Scholarship Program.

Who is eligible to apply for the Alfalah Scholarship Program?

The scholarship program is open to economically disadvantaged students, orphans, children of single parents, and those from households with an income below PKR 25,000 per month.

What documents are required for the Alfalah Scholarship application?

To apply for the Alfalah Scholarship, students need to provide two recent passport-sized photographs, a copy of the student’s CNIC/B-Form, valid CNIC of the guardian, two copies of previous degrees, and the electricity bill of the previous month.

How can one contribute to the Alkhidmat Foundation’s noble cause?

Individuals inspired to make a difference can contribute to the Alkhidmat Foundation by visiting the official website, where various methods, including online banking, direct deposit, home collection, and international accounts, are available for making donations.

What is the annual scholarship limit set by the Alfalah Scholarship Program?

The Alfalah Scholarship Program establishes an annual scholarship limit of PKR 108,000, ensuring continued support for scholars throughout their academic journey.

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