DAP Subsidy New Update 2024 | DAP+Urea Subsidy 2024

The Government of Pakistan (Punjab) has introduced a comprehensive DAP Subsidy Scheme, offering substantial financial support of PKR 1000 per Bori (Sack) on Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) fertilizer, in addition to subsidies on various other fertilizers and seeds.

The detailed breakdown includes:

  • DAP Subsidy ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 per bag
  • Cotton Seed Subsidy of Rs. 1000 per bag
  • SOP Subsidy of Rs. 800 per bag
  • MOP Subsidy of Rs. 500 per bag
  • NPK Subsidy of Rs. 300 per bag
  • NP Subsidy of Rs. 200 per bag

Through Punjab Agriculture Department Offices or the HBL Konnect website. Additionally, the article explores the step-by-step procedure for farmers to obtain the DAP Subsidy, ensuring clarity and ease in availing these crucial benefits.


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DAP Subsidy Registration Online 2024 | DAP Subsidy Check Online


Table of Contents

What Is the DAP Subsidy Scheme?

The DAP Subsidy Scheme is a strategic initiative implemented by the Government of Pakistan to bolster the agricultural sector, specifically designed to provide substantial support to farmers, the scheme offers a range of subsidies aimed at reducing production costs.

One of the key components of the scheme is the DAP Subsidy of varying amounts per bag of Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) fertilizer, including Cotton Seed, SOP (Sulphate of Potash), MOP (Muriate of Potash), NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium), and NP (Nitrogen, Phosphorus) fertilizers.

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DAP Subsidy


Subsidy Range: The DAP Subsidy program offers farmers a subsidy range of Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 per bag when purchasing Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) fertilizer.

Financial Relief for Farmers: The government aims to alleviate the financial strain on farmers, making this essential fertilizer more accessible. This financial relief enhances farmers’ ability to invest in quality inputs for their crops.

Cotton Seed Subsidy

Subsidy Amount: The Cotton Seed Subsidy program provides a significant financial boost, with the government offering a subsidy of Rs. 1000 per bag for cotton seeds.

Encouraging Cotton Production: The subsidy on cotton seeds serves as a strategic measure to incentivize and promote increased cotton production. The government aims to enhance the income of cotton farmers.

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SOP Subsidy


Subsidy Amount: The SOP Subsidy program offers substantial financial support, with farmers eligible for a Rs. 800 subsidy per bag when purchasing Sulphate of Potash (SOP). Sulphate of Potash (SOP) plays a pivotal role in sustainable agricultural practices.

Affordability for Farmers: The subsidy on SOP addresses economic barriers faced by farmers, making this essential soil enrichment component more affordable. This, in turn, encourages farmers to invest in SOP, fostering improved soil health.

MOP Subsidy

Subsidy Amount: The MOP Subsidy initiative offers valuable financial assistance, with farmers eligible to receive a subsidy of Rs. 500 per bag when purchasing Muriate of Potash (MOP).

Essential Role of MOP: Acknowledged as a vital fertilizer in agriculture, Muriate of Potash (MOP) contributes essential nutrients to crops, playing a crucial role in ensuring optimal growth and yield. The Rs. 500 per bag subsidy addresses economic constraints faced by farmers, making MOP more financially accessible.

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NPK Subsidy

Subsidy Amount: The NPK Subsidy program provides farmers with a subsidy of Rs. 300 per bag when acquiring Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK) fertilizers.

Fundamental Plant Nutrients: Phosphorus, and Potassium in plant growth, NPK fertilizers are crucial for providing the necessary nutrients to crops. The Rs. 300 per bag subsidy makes NPK fertilizers more financially accessible.

NP Subsidy

Subsidy Amount: The NP Subsidy offers farmers a subsidy of Rs. 200 per bag when acquiring Nitrogen and Phosphorus (NP) fertilizers. Recognizing the importance of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in fostering crop development.

Financial Accessibility for Farmers: The Rs. 200 per bag subsidy addresses economic considerations for farmers, making NP fertilizers more financially accessible.

GOP Agriculture Subsidy Key Features


  • Eligibility: Both landowners and Thekedars (leaseholders) are eligible to benefit from the GOP Agriculture Subsidy program.
  • Subsidized Items: The subsidy program encompasses essential agricultural inputs, including White Corn Seeds and Cotton Seeds subsidies extend to various fertilizers such as NP, SSP, SOP, and NPK.
  • Voucher Number: Registered farmers can claim the subsidy by sending the voucher number found on each fertilizer bag with their CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, via SMS to 8070.
  • Cotton Seed Subsidy Availability: The subsidy for cotton seeds focuses on areas including Multan, D.G. Khan, and Bahawalpur.
  • Subsidy Rates:
    • DAP Subsidy: Pkr 1000 per Bori (Sack)
    • Cotton Seed Subsidy: Pkr 1000 per Bori (Sack)
    • White Corn Seed Subsidy: Pkr 1200 per Acre
  • Aim: The GOP Agriculture Subsidy program has a broader goal of uplifting the agricultural community, fostering increased crop yields, and promoting sustainable farming practices across Pakistan.

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DAP Subsidy Registration Requirements | DAP Subsidy Online Registration

DAP Subsidy Eligibility Criteria

  • Land Ownership and Thekedars Eligibility: Both landowners and Thekedars (leaseholders) are eligible to benefit from the DAP Subsidy Scheme.
  • Active Kisan Cards Requirement: Eligible farmers need to possess active Kisan Cards, serving as proof of their active engagement in agricultural activities.
  • Biometric Verification Process: As part of the eligibility process, farmers are required to undergo biometric verification. This verification step enhances the security of the subsidy system by ensuring the authenticity of farmers’ identities, preventing fraud, and safeguarding the subsidy program from misuse.
  • Valid ID Cards: Farmers must possess valid and up-to-date identification cards, such as CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) or other government-issued documents. These identification cards serve as proof of the farmers’ identity and residency within Pakistan, a crucial aspect of eligibility.
  • Mobile Number Registration against CNIC:
  • To be eligible for the DAP Subsidy, farmers are mandated to have a mobile number registered against their CNIC. This registered mobile number serves as a vital point of contact for communication related to the subsidy scheme, farmers receive essential SMS notifications and updates.

Documents Required For Registration

  • Valid ID Card: Farmers must present a valid identification document during the registration process, which can include a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or any other government-issued identification card, a critical factor in determining eligibility for the DAP Subsidy Scheme.
  • Registered Mobile Number: Farmers need to provide a mobile number registered in their name. This registered mobile number will serve as a primary point of contact for communication purposes throughout the subsidy scheme.
  • Biometric Verification: As a mandatory step in the registration process, farmers are required to undergo biometric verification. This involves capturing unique biometric identifiers, such as fingerprints or iris scans.

DAP Subsidy Check Online

To conveniently check DAP Subsidy eligibility online, farmers can use the SMS method by following these steps:

  • Eligibility Check via SMS:
    • Type “DAP (Space) CNIC Number” on their mobile phones.
    • Send the SMS to 8070.
    • As an example, if the CNIC number is 12345-678910-1, the SMS would be “DAP 12345-678910-1″ to 8070.
    • Upon sending the SMS, farmers will promptly receive a response indicating their eligibility status for the DAP Subsidy Scheme.
  • Helpline Support:
    • The DAP Subsidy Scheme can utilize the helpline at 0800-17000.
    • Trained support staff will be readily available to address queries, provide information, and guide farmers through the registration or subsidy claim process.

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DAP Subsidy Verification App Online


  • Download the App: Visit your smartphone’s app store, such as the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Search for the “DAP Subsidy Verification App” and proceed to download and install the official app on your device.
  • Login: Open the app and log in using your registered credentials, which may include a username, password, or other authentication details. New users may need to create an account and complete the registration process to access the app’s features.
  • Language Selection: Upon successful login, the app may offer language options. Choose your preferred language for the app interface to enhance user experience.
  • DAP Subsidy Check: Navigate to the DAP Subsidy Check section within the app. Enter the required details, such as your CNIC number or any other information prompted by the app, to initiate the DAP Subsidy verification process.
  • Verification Result: After submitting the necessary information, the app will process the data and promptly display the verification result, indicating the eligibility status for the DAP Subsidy.

How To Apply For DAP Subsidy

  • Register Online: Visit the official Agriculture Department website specific to your region to initiate the DAP Subsidy application process. Look for the dedicated DAP Subsidy application portal or section on the website. Alternatively, explore the option of utilizing the HBL Konnect platform.
  • Biometric Verification: As part of the registration procedure, you may be required to undergo biometric verification. This verification step is crucial for ensuring the authenticity of your identity and serves as a preventive measure against any potential fraudulent claims within the DAP Subsidy scheme.
  • ‘Kisan Card: Upon successful registration and approval, you will be issued the ‘Kisan Card.’ This card acts as tangible proof of your eligibility for the DAP Subsidy scheme and provides access to other government agricultural support programs.
  • Subsidy Redemption: With the ‘Kisan Card‘ in hand, proceed to purchase DAP fertilizer from authorized dealers participating in the subsidy program. Each bag of DAP fertilizer obtained through this process will contain a unique voucher number.
  • Claim Subsidy: To claim the DAP Subsidy, utilize the designated SMS service provided during the registration process. Typically, send an SMS containing the voucher number and your CNIC number to the specified code.

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How To Get Urea Fertilizer Through SMS


Introduction to Digital Girdawri: The government has introduced an efficient system known as Digital Girdawri to assist farmers in obtaining urea fertilizer seamlessly, addressing previous challenges related to shortages and black market sales during the wheat season.

Solving Previous Challenges: Recognizing the issues with shortages and black market sales, the government has implemented this straightforward method.

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How To Get Urea Through SMS

Simple Urea Request via SMS: Getting urea through SMS is a straightforward process that ensures quick access to this essential fertilizer for farmers.

SMS Format: To request urea, type ‘urea’ followed by a space and then input your CNIC number. For instance, “urea 36401-1234567-2” and send the message to 8070.


Helpline for Complaints and Assistance: If farmers encounter issues, such as non-receipt of urea or facing unexpected charges, there is a dedicated helpline available to address their concerns.

Phone Helpline: Farmers can contact the helpline at 0800-1700 to file complaints or seek assistance regarding any problems faced during the urea procurement process. An alternative option for registering complaints is available through SMS or WhatsApp. Farmers can use the designated contact number, 0300-2955539.

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Benefits of DAP Subsidy


  • Affordable Fertilizer: The DAP Subsidy of PKR 1000 per Bori (Sack) makes Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) more affordable for farmers.
  • Increased Crop Yields: Subsidized DAP allows farmers to apply the fertilizer more extensively, leading to improved nutrient availability for plants. This results in higher crop yields and better-quality produce.
  • Enhanced Profitability: Higher crop yields, facilitated by subsidized DAP, contribute to increased profitability for farmers. The subsidy reduces input costs, enabling farmers to optimize their agricultural practices.
  • Improved Soil Fertility: Subsidized DAP, rich in essential nutrients like phosphorus, promotes strong root development and overall plant health, leading to improved soil fertility and sustainability in farming.
  • Agricultural Sustainability: The subsidy encourages farmers to adopt better agricultural practices, ensuring the proper use of fertilizers and nutrients. This approach contributes to the long-term sustainability of farming and preserves land fertility.
  • Support for Small-Scale Farmers: The DAP Subsidy specifically aids small-scale farmers, addressing their financial constraints and empowering them to invest in farming operations without stretching their resources.
  • Boost to Rural Economy: Stimulating economic activity in rural areas, the DAP Subsidy leads to increased crop yields, agricultural productivity, and demand for labor. This, in turn, generates employment opportunities and supports the overall rural economy.
  • Food Security: The subsidy promotes higher crop yields and improved agricultural practices, playing a crucial role in strengthening food security by ensuring a stable and robust food supply.
  • Reduced Import Dependency: With increased domestic agricultural production facilitated by the DAP Subsidy, there is potential for reduced dependency on imported fertilizers, contributing to national self-sufficiency.
  • Government Support: The DAP Subsidy demonstrates the government’s commitment to supporting farmers and underscores the significance of agriculture in national development plans.

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DAP Subsidy | FAQs

What is the DAP Subsidy Scheme offered by the Government of Pakistan (Punjab)?

The DAP Subsidy Scheme is a government initiative providing subsidies on various fertilizers and seeds, including Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), with specific subsidy amounts for each.

What are the details of the agricultural subsidies offered by the government?

The subsidies include:
1. DAP Subsidy: Rs. 500-1000 per bag
2. Cotton Seed Subsidy: Rs. 1000 per bag
3. SOP Subsidy: Rs. 800 per bag
4. MOP Subsidy: Rs. 500 per bag
5. NPK Subsidy: Rs. 300 per bag
6. NP Subsidy: Rs. 200 per bag

How can farmers register for the DAP Subsidy and other subsidies?

Farmers can register through the Punjab Agriculture Department Offices or the HBL Konnect website.

What is the process to get the DAP Subsidy after registration?

After registration, farmers need to send a scratch card number and their CNIC number to 8070 via SMS, and the subsidy amount (Rs. 500) will be transferred to their Easypaisa or Jazzcash account.

How much subsidy is provided for Cotton Seed, SOP, MOP, NPK, and NP fertilizers?

The subsidy amounts are:
1. Cotton Seed Subsidy: Rs. 1000 per bag
2. SOP Subsidy: Rs. 800 per bag
3. MOP Subsidy: Rs. 500 per bag

What are the key features of the GOP Agriculture Subsidy?

Key features include eligibility for both landowners and Thekedars, subsidized items like White Corn Seeds and Cotton Seeds, a voucher number on each fertilizer bag, and specific subsidy rates for different fertilizers.

What are the eligibility criteria for the DAP Subsidy Scheme?

Eligibility criteria include land ownership or leasehold, possession of an active Kisan Card, biometric verification, possession of a valid ID card, and a registered mobile number against the CNIC.

What documents are required for registration in the DAP Subsidy Scheme?

Documents required include a valid ID card (CNIC), a registered mobile number, and undergoing biometric verification.

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