Free! Saylani Courses | Saylani Welfare Courses List

Saylani Courses: Saylani Welfare stands as a beacon of hope, addressing the needs of the middle, lower-middle, and lower socioeconomic classes with unwavering dedication.

Established by the esteemed Hazrat Allama Maulana Muhammad Bashir Farooq, a revered spiritual figure and Islamic scholar on the global stage, Saylani Welfare has become a cornerstone of humanitarian service.

Operating across more than 63 critical facets of life, Saylani Welfare channels its efforts into pivotal areas such as:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Food
  • Sadiqah Jaria
  • Social Welfare
  • Disaster Aid
  • Saylani Ehsaas

Our focus turns to the impactful Saylani Courses, shedding light on the eligibility requirements and registration process on a journey through the benevolent initiatives of Saylani Welfare. Join us as we delve into the profound impact of Saylani’s education.

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Free! Saylani Courses | Saylani Welfare Courses List


Table of Contents

Saylani Courses | Saylani Welfare Courses List


Step into the realm of educational empowerment with Saylani Welfare International Trust. Saylani Courses offers a diverse array of courses and programs to the unique needs and aspirations.

At the core of Saylani Welfare Courses is a mission to uplift communities by breaking barriers to education. Saylani Welfare Courses aim to empower individuals, fostering self-reliance and creating a positive ripple effect that resonates within families and communities.

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Vocational Training Course

Saylani Welfare provides specialized courses to empower individuals with practical skills and knowledge.

Below are a few vocational training courses offered by Saylani Courses:

  • Motorbike Mechanical Training: Saylani Welfare offers a motorbike mechanics training program for expertise in repairing and maintaining motorcycles. Participants in this course acquire the practical skills necessary to contribute to the upkeep of motorbikes, filling a significant skill gap.
  • Textile Training Course: Saylani Welfare’s Textile Training Course delves into the intricacies of the textile industry with a holistic understanding of textile manufacturing, production processes, and quality control to insights into a crucial sector of the economy, opening doors to employment opportunities.
  • R.O. Plant Technician Training: Saylani Welfare offers the R.O. Plant Technician Training program. Participants in this course learn to install, maintain, and repair Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) water purification systems.
  • Mobile Repair Training: Saylani Welfare’s Mobile Repair Training empowers individuals with the skills needed to diagnose and repair mobile phones to pursue careers in mobile device repair and servicing, aligning with the demands of the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Technical education

Technical education is central to Saylani Welfare’s mission of empowering individuals with advanced skills.

Saylani Welfare provides two notable technical education initiatives:

  • Saylani IT Mass Training: Saylani Welfare’s IT Mass Training is designed to equip individuals with practical and industry-relevant information technology (IT) skills. This initiative actively works towards narrowing the digital divide by providing a broad audience with valuable IT knowledge.
  • Pakistan’s Largest Artificial Intelligence University Consortium (PIAIC): Established by Saylani Welfare serves as the country’s largest Artificial Intelligence (AI) University Consortium offers an education in AI and computing, enabling students to explore the dynamic field of artificial intelligence and its diverse applications.

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Islamic Education

Islamic Education is integral to Saylani Welfare International Trust’s holistic development commitment, and the organization provides the following programs to promote it.

Saylani Courses Education offers two Islamic education initiatives:

  • Muddarasa Program: Saylani Welfare International Trust prioritizes Islamic studies with its Muddarasa program, offering a curriculum covering Quranic studies, Hadith, Fiqh, Tafseer, and Islamic history to enhance their understanding of Islam and its teachings through a well-rounded educational approach.
  • Online Quran Academy: Saylani Welfare introduces the Online Quran Academy designed for individuals to learn the Quran – its reading, recitation, and guided by qualified Quran teachers, to connect with the sacred text of Islam, fostering a deeper appreciation for the Quran’s teachings.

Accounting and Finance

Saylani Welfare International Trust acknowledges the significance of financial literacy and introduces programs in the realm of accounting and finance to empower individuals with essential knowledge and skills.

  • Saylani Business and Investment Learning (SBIL): The SBIL program is a cornerstone of Saylani Welfare’s efforts to provide individuals with practical education in business management, accounting, and finance. Participants in the SBIL program delve into various facets, including accounting principles, financial management, budgeting, investment strategies, and business planning.

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Saylani Courses Eligibility Criteria


  • Age Requirement: Saylani Welfare courses generally have a minimum age requirement of 16 years or above, ensuring participants possess a level of maturity conducive to effective engagement in the learning process.
  • Medical Fitness: Saylani Welfare may stipulate certain medical fitness criteria, ensuring individuals are physically capable of actively participating in the courses. This criterion aims to create a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Gender Inclusivity: Saylani Welfare offers educational opportunities to individuals regardless of gender. Courses are open to both males and females, fostering equal access and opportunities for all in pursuit of knowledge.
  • Academic Background: Depending on the specific course or program, there may be academic prerequisites or requirements. Participants might be expected to meet a minimum level of education or possess specific subject knowledge.

Saylani Welfare Achievements


Saylani Welfare has attained notable milestones in its mission to serve humanity:

  • Daily Food Distribution: Saylani Welfare undertakes a remarkable feat by providing daily meals to an astonishing 300,000 individuals. The organization addresses the critical issue of hunger and malnutrition, ensuring underprivileged individuals have access to nutritious meals regularly.
  • Monthly Family Adoption: Saylani Welfare demonstrates its commitment to social welfare by adopting and supporting around 20,000 families every month. This comprehensive initiative involves providing financial assistance, food supplies, and essential resources to families in need.
  • Educational Support: Saylani Welfare makes a significant impact by supporting 25,000 students monthly. The organization covers various educational expenses, including school fees, books, and other necessities to pursue their academic goals.
  • Monthly Medical Assistance: Saylani Welfare extends its support to the healthcare sector by providing monthly medical assistance to approximately 125,000. This assistance encompasses access to medical facilities, and medication and plays a crucial role in ensuring individuals receive the necessary healthcare they require.

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Education Saylani Courses Registration Form


  • Visit to access the Saylani Welfare Courses website.
  • On the homepage, go to the “Courses” section and choose your preferred course.
  • Examine the course details, eligibility requirements, and other relevant information provided on the course page.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the course page and find the “Download Admission Form” option.
  • Download the admission form in PDF format, print a hard copy, and meticulously fill in all required information, including personal details, educational history, and contact information.
  • Collect necessary supporting documents, such as CNIC/B-Form, academic transcripts, certificates, recent passport-size photographs, and any additional specified documents.
  • Submit the fully completed admission form along with supporting documents to the Saylani Welfare Courses admission office. You can either deliver it in person or send it by mail.
  • Wait for communication from the Saylani Welfare Courses admission office. They will evaluate your application and notify you of your admission status in due course.

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Saylani Welfare Education Courses Documents Required

Document requirements vary by course, but here are some common documents often needed for education applications.

  • Identification Proof: Submit a valid identification document, which may include a national ID card, passport, or driver’s license.
  • Educational Certificates: Depending on the specific course, provide copies of your educational certificates or transcripts.
  • Passport-sized Photograph: Some applications may require the inclusion of a recent passport-sized photograph, so submit one.
  • Proof of Address: Furnish a document validating your current address, such as a utility bill, bank statement, or any other official document.
  • Medical Fitness Certificate: You might need to present a medical fitness certificate as part of the application process to ensure your physical well-being.
  • Experience Certificates (if applicable): Include experience certificates or letters of recommendation from previous employers or institutions if they are required for the application process.

Saylani Contact Details

  • Address: Pir Colony, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Phone: (042) 36616577

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Pros And Cons Of Saylani Courses List


Pros Of Saylani Courses List

  • Skill Development: Focus on practical skills and knowledge in various fields such as vocational training, technical education, accounting, finance, and Islamic education.
  • Affordable Education: Offered at minimal or subsidized costs, making education accessible to individuals from lower-income backgrounds.
  • Industry-Relevant Training: Collaboration with industry professionals ensures courses align with current market demands and adhere to industry standards.
  • Practical Learning Approach: Emphasis on hands-on learning, allowing participants to apply acquired knowledge in practical scenarios.
  • Personalized Attention: Creating a supportive learning environment where trainers address the specific needs and challenges of each participant, and fostering a personalized learning experience.
  • Diverse Course Offerings: A wide range of courses across multiple disciplines, including vocational training, technical education, accounting, finance, and Islamic education, allows individuals to choose courses that align with their interests, aspirations, and career goals.

Cons Of Sayani Course List

  • Limited Course Selection: The course offerings at Saylani Welfare may be restricted compared to other educational institutions, potentially limiting individuals seeking specialized or niche subjects not covered in the Saylani course list.
  • Availability and Access: Saylani Courses might have limited availability or access due to factors such as restricted seats, location constraints, or specific eligibility criteria, potentially posing challenges.
  • Resource Constraints: Saylani Courses may encounter resource constraints, including limitations in funding, infrastructure, and technology, which could impact the overall learning experience.
  • Duration and Time Commitment: Some Saylani Courses may have extended durations or demand significant time commitments from participants, potentially affecting the feasibility of enrollment.
  • Limited Accreditation and Recognition: Saylani Courses might not always carry the same level of accreditation or recognition as courses offered by established educational institutions, potentially impacting the perceived value of the certification.
  • Language Barrier: Depending on the specific Saylani Courses, language proficiency requirements may exist, with courses primarily conducted in specific languages such as Urdu or regional languages.

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FAQs | Saylani Courses

What is Saylani Welfare, and what is its primary focus in Pakistan?

Saylani Welfare is a prominent charitable organization operating in Pakistan, dedicated to the well-being of those in the middle, lower-middle, and lower socioeconomic classes.

Who is the founder of Saylani Welfare, and what is his role in the organization?

Hazrat Allama Maulana Muhammad Bashir Farooq, a spiritual figure and Islamic scholar, is the founder and patron of Saylani Welfare.

How many areas of life is Saylani Welfare active in, and can you provide examples of key services offered?

Saylani Welfare is active in more than 63 areas of life, offering key services such as health, education, food, Sadiqah Jaria, social welfare, disaster aid, and Saylani Ehsaas.

What is the focus of Saylani Courses, and what types of courses are offered?

Saylani Courses focuses on empowering individuals through education and training. The courses include vocational training, technical education, accounting, finance, and Islamic education.

How many people benefit from Saylani Welfare’s daily food distribution, and what is the significance of this initiative?

Saylani Welfare provides daily meals to an astounding number of 300,000 people, addressing the critical issue of hunger and malnutrition in society.

How many families does Saylani Welfare adopt and support monthly, and what does this initiative involve?

Saylani Welfare adopts and supports around 20,000 families every month, providing financial assistance, food supplies, and essential resources to families in need.

How many students does Saylani Welfare support monthly, and what educational expenses are covered?

Saylani Welfare supports 25,000 students every month, covering their educational expenses, including school fees, books, and other necessities.

What is the Saylani IT Mass Training, and what skills does it aim to impart?

The Saylani IT Mass Training focuses on providing practical and industry-relevant information technology (IT) skills, empowering individuals for the technology-driven world.

Can you provide the steps for applying to Saylani Courses and the documents required?

To apply for Saylani Courses, one can visit the website, choose a course, download the admission form, complete it, gather the necessary documents, and submit the application to the admission office. Common documents include identification proof, educational certificates, passport-sized photographs, proof of address, medical fitness certificates (if required), and experience certificates (if applicable).

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