Sindh Building Control Authority Jobs 2023 Application Form

Government Sindh has announced the Sindh Building Control Authority Jobs. Official advertisement, minimum qualification/ experience required, the Application process, and the last date to apply have been mentioned below.

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Sindh Building Control Authority Jobs 2023 Online Apply

Date Posted

These jobs were announced on 18-06-2023.

Newspaper/ Official Website

Jobs were announced in the Express-News classifieds from Karachi.

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Qualification Required For Sindh Building Control Authority Jobs

The minimum qualification for the Jobs is a Literate, Matric, Middle, or Primary degree from a Government or private certified institution.

Experience Required For Sindh Building Control Authority Jobs

Interested candidates must have at least 2 years of experience in the Field from a renowned institution. Experienced candidates would be preferred over fresh ones. Although fresh candidates can also apply for this job.

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Vacancies Location

All interested candidates both MALE/FEMALE candidates from all over Sindh can apply for this job.

Category / Sector

Government Job


Sindh Building Control Authority

Application Process For Sindh Building Control Authority Jobs

All interested candidates can apply Candidates can visit their Office Address: Director-General Secretariat Headquarters SBCA Karachi, Civic Center, Karachi

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Last Date to Apply

The last date to apply for jobs is 15-07-2023.

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Sindh Building Control Authority Jobs FAQs

Last Date of Govt Jobs Sindh 2022 At Sindh Building Control Authority Jobs

Last Date Govt Jobs Sindh 2022 At Sindh Building Control Authority Jobs is 15-07-2022

What is Qualification Govt Jobs Sindh 2022 At Sindh Building Control Authority Jobs?

Qualification of Govt Jobs Sindh 2022 At Sindh Building Control Authority Jobs is Literate, Matric, Middle, Primary

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Sindh Building Control Authority

The Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) is a crucial regulatory and supervisory body in Karachi, Pakistan.

Its primary function is to ensure that all building plans and No Objection Certificates (NOCs) issued for construction projects adhere to the existing Building & Town Planning Regulations.

This ensures that urban development in the city follows standardized guidelines, promoting safety, functionality, and aesthetics in the built environment.

  • Regulatory and Supervisory Authority: As a regulatory body, the SBCA has the legal authority to govern and enforce building and town planning regulations within its jurisdiction. It establishes and updates these regulations to keep up with changing urban development needs and industry standards. The SBCA reviews and approves building plans, NOCs, and other relevant documents before construction can commence, making sure they align with the established guidelines.
  • Ensuring Compliance: One of the primary roles of the SBCA is to ensure that construction activities in Karachi comply with the approved regulations. This helps prevent unauthorized constructions, illegal encroachments, and violations that may jeopardize public safety or adversely impact the urban landscape. By enforcing compliance, the SBCA strives to maintain order and harmony in the city’s development.
  • Building & Town Planning Regulations: Building & Town Planning Regulations encompass various aspects of urban development, including building heights, setback requirements, land use zoning, fire safety measures, and environmental considerations. The regulations are designed to promote sustainable development, maintain infrastructure standards, and safeguard the interests of the city and its residents.
  • Approval Process: Professionals licensed by the SBCA, such as architects, engineers, and town planners, play a crucial role in the approval process. They are responsible for preparing and submitting building plans and related documents for approval. These professionals must ensure that the plans adhere to the stipulated regulations, guidelines, and safety standards before seeking approval from the SBCA.
  • Quality Assurance and Implementation: Once the SBCA approves the building plans and issues the necessary NOCs, the licensed professionals take on the responsibility of ensuring the quality and soundness of the construction work. They must oversee the implementation of the approved design and specifications throughout the construction process. Regular inspections and compliance checks by the SBCA further ensure that the project stays on track and complies with the approved plans.
  • Accountability: By licensing professionals and making them accountable for their work, the SBCA fosters a sense of responsibility within the construction industry. This accountability is essential in maintaining the integrity and safety of the built environment. If any issues arise during or after construction, the concerned professionals may face penalties or other consequences for non-compliance with regulations.
  • Public Safety and Urban Development: The ultimate goal of the SBCA’s efforts is to safeguard public safety and welfare. By adhering to building and town planning regulations, construction projects are less likely to pose risks to occupants and neighboring structures. Proper urban planning and development also contribute to a well-organized city, with efficient infrastructure and aesthetically pleasing surroundings.

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