General Labour Jobs In Romania For Pakistani Citizens 2024

Job TitleRomanian (ORP)
CompanyJazal Workers
Job Description– Immediately available
– The cunning dog, the deeds of Yadfi Al-Barlamsk Mualabat
– Wakin Kara Ali Yazg Rakla Lahaif Kara
– Wakin Kara and Kathaqzants Kamar Al-Ori
– Ikhri
– Inshrilu
EmployerBOLAN Overseas Employment Promoters
Office AddressOffice # A-5 Swiss Plaza, M-A Jinnah Road Quetta
Contact Information– Phone: 0317-0501918 / 0345-5572446 / 0332-2505056
– Email:
Salary500 Euro
Benefits– Work Permit
Job Requirements– Mams Ainzo 20 Makh Kovinak
– Haruh kal dilmas mashrifi shab sawali rua yahu a lamor sawali
License InformationLIC: 3713/QTA
Last Date to apply09 December 2024
Number of Positions15
Table: Overview of General Labour Jobs

Table of Contents

How To Apply For Jobs In Romania

The official online application process for these jobs is given in the following image. Read it carefully before applying for these jobs.

Official Advertisement

The following is the official advertisement for these jobs. You can also visit the Bolan Overseas Official website to see details of these jobs by clicking here.


General Labour Job Responsibilities

Loading and UnloadingMoving materials and equipment to and from vehicles.
Operate Construction VehiclesDriving and managing construction machinery safely.
Adhering to Health and Safety RegulationsFollowing safety protocols to prevent accidents.
Build and Disassemble ScaffoldingConstructing and taking down scaffolding structures.
Clean Construction SitesKeeping the work area free of debris and hazards.
Following InstructionsExecuting tasks as directed by supervisors.
Handling and Transporting Construction MaterialsMoving materials around the job site.
Maintaining EquipmentPerforming routine checks and maintenance on tools and machinery.
Performs Various Physical Duties as AssignedCompleting a range of physical tasks as required.
Table: General Labour Job Responsibilities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the last date for Interviews For Labour In Romania?

The last date to apply for General Labour Jobs In Romania is 09 December 2024.

What is the Contact Number of Jobs In Romania?


Phone: 081-2865663


Address: Swiss Plaza, A-1, Hali Road, Quetta.

How Much Salary of General Labour Jobs In Romania?

The Salary of General Labour is 500 Euro.

Are general labor jobs available for Pakistan citizens in Romania?

Yes, general labor jobs are available for Pakistan citizens in Romania. However, it’s important to note that work permits and visa requirements may apply.

It is advisable to check the specific regulations and requirements set by the Romanian government and seek proper authorization before seeking employment.

What are the common types of general labor jobs in Romania?

Common types of general labor jobs in Romania include construction laborers, warehouse workers, factory workers, agricultural laborers, cleaners, and general maintenance workers.

What qualifications and skills are required for general labor jobs in Romania?

The specific qualifications and skills required for general labor jobs may vary depending on the position and industry.

However, some common requirements may include physical fitness, the ability to work in a team, basic communication skills, and knowledge of relevant safety regulations.

Specific skills or certifications may be required for certain jobs, such as forklift operation or construction-related tasks.

How can I find general labor job opportunities in Romania?

There are several ways to find general labor job opportunities in Romania.

You can search online job portals, check with local recruitment agencies, network with people in the industry, and explore job advertisements in newspapers or community boards.

It may also be helpful to connect with relevant online communities or forums where job opportunities are shared.

Are there any language requirements for general labor jobs in Romania?

The language requirements for general labor jobs in Romania may vary depending on the employer and the nature of the job.

While some positions may not require advanced language skills, it is beneficial to have a basic understanding of Romanian or English, as these are commonly spoken in the country.

Language proficiency can improve your communication and job prospects.

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