CSS 2023: CSS MPT Advertisement and Syllabi (Everything You Need to Know)

Good News! for all the aspirants who are preparing for CSS 2023, FPSC has published the MPT advertisement, syllabi, and test conduction date.

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CSS 2023 MPT Advertisement

This is an official advertisement for CSS 2023 MPT you can also download it from the official website of FPSC

CSS 2023 MPT Rules

All the rules applicable to CSS 2023 candidates have been listed below for all the major stages to be elected as CSS officers i.e for

(a) Preliminary Test
(b) written examination;
(c) medical examination;
(d) psychological assessment; and
(e) viva voce.”

These rules can also be downloaded directly from the FPSC website by clicking here.

Syllabi For The Subjects of Preliminary Test

Syllabi for the MPT preliminary test for the subjects of CIVICS, ETHICS, and URDU have been given below which can also be directly from FPSC Website

CSS Challan Form for MPT

This is the official CSS challan form for MPT which is also available at the FPSC site if you want to download it from the official website then click here

CSS 2023 Guidelines to Apply Online

Here is the step-by-step process to apply online for CSS 2023 MPT. This list of the steps with pictures of every step has to be followed by every candidate during the online applying process.

Test Pattern of CSS 2023 MPT

This is a subject-wise test pattern of CSS 2023 MPT. It would lead you to how exactly the subject-wise marks division would be in the following MPT.

Revised Syllabus for CSS 2023

This is the revised syllabus for the CSS 2023, its been here since 2016 and it is applicable for 2023 also. So download it from the file given below

Last Date to Apply for CSS 2023 MPT

The last date to apply for CSS 2023 MPT is 22 August 2022.


What is the Last Date to apply for MPT CSS 2023?

The last date to apply for CSS 2023 MPT is 22 August 202

What is the age limit for CSS 2023?

The age limit for CSS 2023 is 30 years.

When would be the first paper of CSS 2023?

The first paper of CSS 2023 would be on 1 February 2023.

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