New Jobs Of Bike Riders in Saudi Arabia 2024

Job TitleBike Rider
CompanyWell-known company in Saudi Arabia
Job LocationSaudi Arabia
Age Limit21 to 38 years
Salary2000-2500 riyals per month (with commission)
BenefitsCommission, Fuel, and Us Card
Interview Date10 December 2024
Interview LocationLahore, Pak AKT Test Center, 4 137 Block, Opposite Sports Complex B Inter Hospital, Mabzaza Lahore
Contact InformationAsiatic Manpower Services
LIC: 2616/RWP
Flat # 1/2/3, 2nd Floor, Malik Plaza, Main 6th Road, Rawalpindi
PTN: 1523344 Dt: 10/05/23
0327-8187138 / 0325-9149667 / 051-442631
Table: Overview of New Jobs Of Bike Riders

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How To Apply For Bike Riders in Saudi Arabia

The official online application process for these jobs is given in the following image. Read it carefully before applying for these jobs.

Official Advertisement

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Bike Rider Job Responsibilities

Duties and ResponsibilitiesDetails
Job TitleRider
Main Responsibilities– Maintain a specific route or area
– Collect or deliver packages
Mode of TransportationBicycles or motorcycles
Special Skills RequiredProficiency in riding bicycles or motorcycles, knowledge of the assigned route or area
Additional Duties– Ensuring packages are delivered promptly and safely
– Following traffic laws and safety regulations
– Reporting any issues or delays to the supervisor
– Maintaining the vehicle in good condition
– Providing excellent customer service
Table: Bike Rider Job Responsibilities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the last date of the Interview for Bike Riders in Saudi Arabia?

The last date for an Interview in Saudi Arabia is 10 December 2024.

Qualifications Required for Bike Riders Jobs in Saudi Arabia?

To qualify as a Bike Riders Jobs in Saudi Arabia, the following qualifications are required:

Valid Saudi driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement.

Minimum age of 21 years.

Adequate knowledge of traffic rules and regulations.

Physical fitness and ability to handle a motorcycle safely.

Compliance with all safety requirements, including wearing a helmet and reflective gear.

These qualifications are essential to ensure the safety of both bike riders and other road users in Saudi Arabia.

What is the Basic Pay Salary of Bike Riders in Saudi Arabia?

The basic pay salary of Bike Riders in Saudi Arabia Is 2000-2500 Rials.

What is the Contact Number of Bike Riders in Saudi Arabia?

Bike Riders in Saudi Arabia’s Contact Numbers are as follows

Phone: 0306 1111842

Address: 1374 P Block Rd, Sabzazar Block P Sabzazar Housing Scheme Phase 1 & 2 Lahore, Punjab

What is the minimum age requirement to become a bike rider in Saudi Arabia?

The minimum age requirement to become a bike rider in Saudi Arabia is 21 years old.

What type of license is required to ride a motorcycle in Saudi Arabia?

To ride a motorcycle in Saudi Arabia, you need a valid Saudi driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement (Class 2B).

Are there any specific training requirements for aspiring bike riders in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, it is recommended to undergo professional training at a certified driving school or motorcycle training center.

The training typically includes theoretical classes and practical riding sessions.

Are there any specific traffic rules and regulations for Bike rider jobs in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, bike riders in Saudi Arabia are required to follow the same traffic rules and regulations as other motorists. This includes obeying speed limits, traffic signals, and lane discipline.

What are the common penalties for traffic violations committed by bike riders?

Penalties for traffic violations vary depending on the nature and severity of the offense. Bike Riders Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Common penalties may include fines, points on the driving record, or even license suspension.

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